Loud & Dirty Brand was established by Les Hatz, owner of Erupshun Industries Inc. a sales & marketing Action Sports Lifestyle company, in 2013.  The style of the business has always revolved around motorcycles and off-road vehicles of all types, including trucks, cars, sleds, ATV's, rat rods, bikes and anything that makes noise, goes fast, and gets DIRTY!   Beards and Tats welcome goes without sayin'.

We’ve dubbed ourselves a ‘Blue Collar Clothing Brand’.  This label comes from who we are, where we come from, and who our friends are.  We are simple, hard working folk, not afraid to get our hands Dirty, and make a little Noise!


Our Mission:

To create quality products that represent our roots, our lifestyle, and those of our fans.  These products include casual apparel for guys, girls, and kids, and locally made beard care & grooming products for men, handcrafted right here in our own backyard. We want to invite as many friends and fans as possible, along on this wild ride!!

"My commitment will always be to work hard towards Innovation and Creativity, through Simplicity and Style."